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Québec Action Plan for Waste Management, 1998-2008

Fact Sheets

  • Other Fact Sheets (RECYC-QUÉBEC)

    • Construction and Demolition Waste (French, PDF file, 171 Ko)

    • Deposit/Refund System (French, PDF file, 184 Ko)

    • Glass (French, PDF file, 212 Ko)

    • Household Hazardous Waste (French, PDF file, 247 Ko)

    • Information Technology Equipment (French, PDF file, 190 Ko)

    • Metals (French, PDF file, 178 Ko)

    • Paints (French, PDF file, 151 Ko)

    • Paper and Paperboard (French, PDF file, 263 Ko)

    • Plastics (French, PDF file, 194 Ko)

    • Putrescible Waste (French, PDF file, 190 Ko)

    • Textiles (French, PDF file, 181 Ko)

    • Used Tires (French, PDF file, 120 Ko)

    • Waste Oils (French, PDF file, 162 Ko)

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