PIV du Gouvernement du Québec

Message from the Minister

Ministre David Heurtel

In the spring of 2017, high water hit Québec with a vengeance, leading to devastating flooding.

In a context where scientific analysis tells us that climate change will make extreme precipitation more frequent, the flood management status quo is no longer viable. The rising waters have served notice on us that fighting climate change and adapting to its human, environmental and economic impact is an urgent matter.

The forum provides an opportunity for deep reflection on planning the future differently and overcoming the challenge of improving our resiliency to floods.

During the two days of the Forum, we will listen to and dialogue with experts that have a variety of perspectives and origins, knowing that flood management is not exclusively a Québec challenge.

The process of sharing information and good flood management practices that have been implemented both locally and elsewhere in the world will, I am certain, be both illuminating and inspiring.

Let’s work together to identify areas of potential solutions to improve Québec’s resilience to flooding. Let’s work together to plan the future differently and ensure our own security and the security of our children.

Let’s do it for them!

The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change,

David Heurtel