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  The Review Committee (REVCOM)

MandatConvention de la Baie-James et du Nord québécoise

If a project is subject to the environmental and social impact assessment and review mechanisms and procedures set forth in Chapter II of the Environment Quality Act, the proponent of the project is required to draft an impact assessment and forward it to the Provincial Administrator of the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement (JBNQA), more specifically Québec’s Deputy Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks.

Upon receipt of the impact assessment for a project that is located on land governed under the JBNQA and located south of the 55th parallel, the Review Committee (REVCOM) examines the project and can recommend requesting that the proponent submit additional research and studies concerning the project. The REVCOM can also publicly consult the communities affected by the project. The Committee then recommends or refuses to authorize the project.

Minister responsible

Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks


Review Committee (REVCOM)
Édifice Marie-Guyart, 6th Floor, Box 83
675 René-Lévesque Est
Québec, Québec G1R 5V7

Legal Basis

Environment Quality Act (R.S.Q., c. Q-2): sections 151 and 152, sections 160 to 167

James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement (JBNQA): section 22.6.



Members appointed by the Government of Québec:

  • Mr. Pierre Mercier, President
  • Mr. Daniel Berrouard
  • Mr. Robert Lemieux
  • Members appointed by the Cree Regional Authority (CRA):

  • Mr. Philip Awashish
  • Mr. Brian Craik
  • Secretary :

    Mr. Michael O'Neill
    Telephone : (418) 521-3933, poste 7255
    Fax : (418) 646-0266 ou (418) 644-8222
    Email :


    The Ministère is responsible for the secretariat operations of the REVCOM and assumes all of the related expenses. It also reimburses professional fees and the travel expenses of the chairperson and other members appointed by the government of Québec.

    Human Resources

    The Ministère assigns some its employees the responsibilities of maintaining the secretariat operations of the REVCOM and analyzing projects handled by the REVCOM.

    Régime Nord du Québec

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