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Integrated management of the St. Lawrence

Management mechanisms

A major challenge

Issues affecting the St. Lawrence vary over time, depending on their relative importance, status, or simply because new issues emerge.

Numerous stakeholders

The governments of Québec and Canada exercise their respective jurisdictions with respect to the St. Lawrence, primarily via programs by government departments, organizations and agencies. Added to this are the activities of all users of the St. Lawrence.

A new management approach

The integrated management of the St. Lawrence is a management approach that fosters a favourable climate for consultation among all decision makers and users. The goal of this approach is to reconcile the activities of the various stakeholders in a coherent manner. The procedure’s success depends on everyone’s participation in the process.

This new approach is in line with the objectives of the Act to Affirm the Collective Nature of Water Resources and Provide for Increased Water Resource Protection, passed by the National Assembly in 2009.

The integrated management of the St. Lawrence is accomplished by holding the Forum on the St. Lawrence each year and by the gradual establishment of twelve Regional Round Tables.

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