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Regulation to amend the Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings, CQLR Q-2, r 22

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This regulation was enacted by the Government of Québec on March 29, 2017, as part of the two-phase reform of the original regulation that was announced by the Minister to assist Quebecers in upgrading their septic facilities to code.

This new regulation is Phase 1 of the process. It provides four solutions for owners of existing isolated dwellings who are required to install a tertiary treatment system with phosphorous removal, until such time as other solutions can be utilized.

It also:

  • Recognizes wells sealed under the former Groundwater Catchment Regulation
  • Permits owners to retain efficient existing working components during partial upgrades to a septic facility
  • Permits owners to install a compost toilet if they so desire
  • Permits waste water from ancillary buildings such as a private garage or shed to be piped to the septic facility of the main isolated dwelling, and authorizes other technical changes
  • Permits owners of existing Îles-de-la-Madeleine dwellings to benefit from alternative solutions when they are required to install tertiary treatment systems with disinfection

This regulation will come into force on April 27, 2017.

Ongoing work on Phase 2 of the reform will make it possible to propose additional solutions in 2017.

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