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Press Release


Quebec City, November 25, 2004 - Thomas J. Mulcair, Minister of the Environment, today released Québec's 2004-2007 Biodiversity Diversity Strategy and Action Plan. This is Québec's first major action in Québec's Sustainable Development Plan.

"Sustainable development must be supported by concrete action. The biodiversity action plan is one of the government’s major initiatives in the area of sustainable development," said minister Mulcair.

The Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, the result of an intensive interministerial process, demonstrates the government's commitment to promoting the preservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. The strategy and action plan covers every priority area of biodiversity intervention in Québec, including wildlife, forests, farming and aquatic environments, energy, mines, northern communities, urban communities, biotechnology and education.

To achieve its objectives between 2004 and 2007, Québec will focus its efforts on six major strategic orientations, in line with the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

These major orientations are:

  1. Conserve Québec’s natural resources by consolidating and protecting a network of representative biodiversity areas

  2. Improve integration of the preservation of biodiversity within development activities

  3. Implement government commitments having an impact on biodiversity

  4. Strengthen collaborations to promote biodiversity

  5. Increase knowledge of biodiversity

  6. Work with national and international organizations to conserve biodiversity

Along with this strategy, the Québec government also adopted an action plan with close to 500 measures that will be put forward by governmental and non-governmental organizations. The aim of these measures is to promote biodiversity in Québec in a context of sustainable development.

An interministerial committee under the Ministère de l'Environnement will coordinate implementation of the Québec Biodiversity Strategy and the annual tracking of the 2004-2007 action plan.

Biological resources are the source of our well-being and quality of life. Our efforts must be directed at protecting them and using them in a sustainable way for the greater benefit of present and future generations,” said minister Mulcair.

The following documents can be consulted in French only on the website of the Ministère de l'Environnement at www.menv.gouv.qc.ca: the Strategy and the 2004-2007 Québec Biodiversity Action Plan.

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Chantale Turgeon
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of the Environment
Tel.: (418) 521-3911

Louise Barrette
Communications Branch
Ministry of the Environment
Tel.: (418) 521-3823, ext. 4163


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