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2006–2012 Climate Change Action Plan

On June 15, 2006, the Government of Québec unveiled its 2006–2012 Climate Change Action Plan (2006‑2012 CCAP,PDF, 2,7 MB), comprising 26 measures centered on two major objectives: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting Québec's adaptation to the impacts of climate change. To attain these objectives, the 2006–2012 CCAP put forth a number of initiatives, including regulatory measures, financial support programs, public information and awareness campaigns, and research and development projects.

The 2006–2012 CCAP had an initial budget of $1.58 billion, the lion’s share of which ($1.2 billion) came from the fossil fuel duty collected by the Régie de l’énergie from fossil fuel distributors. The duty was introduced in November 2007 by the Regulation respecting the annual duty payable to the Green Fund and was the first initiative of its kind in North America. Another $350 million was added in 2007 from a federal fund—the Clean Air and Climate Change Trust Fund—which led to a revision of the CCAP in 2008.

In reading the annual assessment reports, it is clear that investments made under the 2006–2012 CCAP not only furthered our efforts to reduce GHG emissions and adapt to climate change, they also resulted in many other environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Sectoral actions aimed at reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions in Québec

Actions addressing Québec’s adaptation to climate change